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ElderCare of Minnesota
About Us

At ElderCare of Minnesota, we focus on every detail to make the senior years as independent and full of life as possible.  We strive to keep nursing homes in small communities in Minnesota so that our seniors can be close to their families and friends ~ we believe that's what keeps our residents full of life and eager to see what we have planned for them each day.

Caring for the elderly in a dignified and compassionate way is very important to us.  We offer total skilled care nursing homes, assisted living homes, independent apartments, and also memory care.  Each of these alternatives is vital to elderly as they need choices before leaving that home they've probably lived in for most of their lives.  And giving these choices makes it alittle less confusing and gives peace of mind to their families just knowing there's more than one choice for their parents.

If you're having to make a difficult decision regarding yourself or a loved one, ElderCare will be more than happy to give you the information you need in taking the next step.  That very important step will determine how the senior years will be enjoyed.  Whether it's just alittle help with taking care of the lawn and alittle housekeeping, or help with medications and making sure meals are provided, a little help in remembering what to do each day and how to do it, or providing total skilled care, ElderCare is here to assist with all of these.  And an added bonus to these choices is that there will be others of about the same age to socialize with.

If ElderCare can help you make that very important decision, please contact us.  We'll be glad to hear from you.